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Scope of business
Hotel restaurant furniture
Annatto furniture
All kinds of software sofa
Solid wood furniture for civilian use
Teaching office furniture

About Yadian furniture

Weinan Athens furniture co., LTD

Athens furniture

Weinan furniture co., LTD., founded in Athens1995Years12Month,Is located in weinan in shaanxi jiefang road61Number,The total registered capital3000Ten thousand yuan,Is a collection of professional design、Manufacturing、Sales、Services for the integration of modern furniture enterprises,The products are:Annatto、Solid wood furniture、The hotel office furniture、Civilian furniture and all kinds of soft furniture。The company has a furniture exhibition center and a modern professional production equipment100More research and development of furniture production base,And the introduction of Italy、Germany and other world-class production equipment;And has ten thousand square meters of annatto and solid wood furniture、Office furniture exhibition hall。Company existing products15A series200More varieties,Sold to shanxi、F、Ning、The green、Jin、Province and the area and so on,Sales radius500Kilometers。

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Here you are,Their complementary advantages,Don't have to worry about his idea of the implementation of the limited by the boundaries of the own ability;Here you are,They will get team advice every idea,Eventually tend to be more perfect;Here you are,They together,There is no loner,Only by the bosom friend;Here you are,Their work Make sure is deserved,Pay a return……


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Athens furniture public welfare activities——Into the happy village!
Athens furniture public welfare activities——Into the happy village!
Weinan Athens annatto furniture,What are you beef cattle?
Athens annatto,The May Day special!
Originality to create • Excellence | Athens furniture2019In new product conference record!
Originality to create • Excellence | Athens furniture2019In new product conference record!

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