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    Texas tech center force hydraulic co., LTD(The original dezhou ultrahigh hydraulic institute of technology)
      Shandong high-tech enterprises,China's patent、Shandong star enterprise。Is located in the shandong dezhou economic development zone。Mainly engaged in ultra-high hydraulic components、System、Machines and tools、Precision machinery、Research and development and manufacture of CNC machinery。For more than twenty national patent。The company's products throughISO9001:2008International quality system certification。
      Company covers an area of r&d center20000Square meters,The construction area5500Square meters,Have all kinds of mechanical processing equipment and various advanced testing、Test equipment。One of them,Hydraulic pressure、Machinery、Electric、The computer control、The thermal technical personnel60More than one,Senior technical personnel8People。The main products:Railway rolling stock up and rescue equipment、The torpedo tanker up rescue equipment、The torpedo tanker cars machine、Molten iron tank car up and rescue equipment、Big axle load vehicle general relief up equipment、Rail cars up and rescue equipment、Railway locomotive vehicle righting rescue equipment、Railway vehicle rollover rescue equipment、Railway locomotive vehicle hydraulic tractor、An axle diversions、Bearing pressure machine、Bearing removal machine、A large-scale press、Ultra-high pressure vessel(The highest pressure1000Mpa)、Oversize oil cylinder、Ultrahigh hydraulic pump station、Large splitters、The hydraulic shear、Hydraulic cutter、Electric control、Servo proportional control system、Solar power where a tracking system(Heliostat system、Slot where a tracking system、Dish where a tracking system)And other products....

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    Texas tech center force hydraulic co., LTD
    (The original dezhou ultrahigh hydraulic institute of technology)

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